Nearby activities

A thousand possibilities are available to you. Of course, you won't be able to do it all at once.

An outdoor destination

For hiking enthusiasts :

No less than 15 routes await your crampons. You can unreservedly venture out and discover the hidden secrets of our beautiful countryside. You can also stop off in our most beautiful villages and discover the history of the Tarn et Garonne at the edge of these trails.

For thrill seekers:

The Tarn et Garonne is not left out of sensational activities. At 25 minutes at most you can choose.

- Take to the skies, like a bird! Yes it will be possible either by hot air balloon or paragliding .

- For the bravest you can trudge and explore kilometers of caves with caving guides.

- Once back outside, if you feel like it, you can also climb the cliffs of the Aveyron gorges. Once up there! You will take a deep breath and a dizzying sensation will seize you. You will be dazzled by this grandiose spectacle that opens up to you.

- For sailorsfresh water , you can sail aboard your canoe . There, you will escape to the good sandstone of the laces of the Aveyron river. You can stop off at Saint Antonin Noble Val or drop anchor at Cazals or even at Penne . The Aveyron Gorgeswill welcome you with open arms.

A destination full of cultural and gastronomic riches

15 minutes from the Domaine, Montauban is the pinkest of the pink towns that you can visit in all weathers and in all seasons . Its name in Occitan means "Mont Blanc". With its Place Nationale , its mansions, its old bridge , its former college which was originally a barracks andits museums, the most famous of which is the MIB "Musée Ingres Bourdel" My advice, treat yourself to the services of a guide from the tourist office who will take you on a journey through the streets of this splendid Montalbanaise city so rich in history , anecdotes.

At 25 minutes at most, you can contemplate among the most beautiful villages in France, Bruniquel , Montricoux , Puycelsi and so many others.You will be able to flutter freely, admire their monuments and their small streets. You can also lend your ears and absorb the words of our guides who will make you daydream, telling you the history of these villages.

It is not less than three controlled designations of origin which affects our community of commune. The Terraces and Valleys of Montauban , the Gaillacois and the Frontonnais await your visit. Our winegrowers will be happy to welcome you and let you taste their precious beverages. If the time is right, some will show you around their vineyards by little train. But the must is to ride a Segway and pace the rows of vineyards at your own pace.