On-site activities

Here you can enjoy, practice, stay and do many things all year round.

Whether you are hikers, strollers, visitors or simply passing through, the Domaine de Souladiès invites you to explore the area.

It is appropriate to whisper to you the thousand possibilities available to you.

to venture

Open the door and set off to explore our forest paths. Delight in the smells of the forest, listen to the chirping of birds in all seasons. Whisper to the trees your happiness and if the day is right, you may be able to taste the prestigious fruit of our forest. The famous boletus

Open the door and set off to explore the bucolic paths of our rural commune. Five sensational loops are available to you. There is something for all tastes and for all levels. The dogs might even decide to accompany you.

Exercising physically

Open the door, get on your bike and explore our beautiful hilly roads. You can even tame our hills and break the routine at your convenience.

Open the door and ride the horses of our neighbor's equestrian center. You will leave to escape, to venture like no one else on our communal paths.On your return, you will be amazed and you will feel this feeling of happiness to have lived a unique experience.

Open the door and dive into our swimming pool for a few lengths or simply contemplate this panoramic landscape that its positioning reveals to you. For the most night owls, you will let yourself be hypnotized by this grandiose spectacle that the Milky Way will offer you.

You understood correctly, your dream stay starts here!

No accessibility for people with disabilities.

Our family has pets and for security reasons your dogs and cats are not allowed.