Our locavore table d'hôtes

Local products highlighted

Rain or shine, our local producers tirelessly sow, harvest and breed.

Every day, their fruits swell gently in the eyes of the sun.

They fill with sap, at every moment to finally ripen and deliver all their flavors.

Every day, they get up at dawn to take care of their animals.

They put them outside as soon as the weather is nice, they feed them corn and hay.

At the tasting, we feel this passion that drives them.

Since the dawn of time, our farmers have perpetuated this ancestral French know-how.

Our department is a real breadbasket of our country. You can find everything: Cheese, Vegetables, Fruits, Wines, Beer, Fruit juices, Meats, Ice creams and so many other things that I will stop there!

A traditional kitchen

Come in and take a seat around our table d'hôte.

For you, I go to these producers with immense know-how.

Every morning new arrivals!

For me, a moment of reflection and doubt set in!

But what am I going to be able to make them taste today?

There, moments of joy, envy and discovery follow one another.

I put on my apron to make traditional dishes for you.

Simple and refined, my cuisine offers colorful, honest and tasty dishes.

Our table d'hôte is intended to be a place of sharing and meeting.

At the end of the service, a bit like an unexpected visitor, I will take my place by your side.

There, we will continue to exchange together. If you wish, we can even remake the world.

Breakfasts in the same spirit

No accessibility for people with disabilities.

Our family has pets and for security reasons your dogs and cats are not allowed.