Gîte Domaine de Souladiès

from 140€ /night

You have just found your vacation home! Whether you are with family or friends, this unique place is ideal for you. Here, recharge your batteries, exp...

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Bed and Breakfast Souladiès

from 75€ /night

Choose to stay in the Domaine suiteAt the opening of its door, your eyes will naturally be ecstatic to discover its volumes.Take this small corridor a...

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Bed and Breakfast Montalbanaise

from 70€ /night

Choose to spend your nights in this unique guesthouse.This room is the one our vacationers love! It will offer you an intimate and friendly setting.Op...

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Bed and Breakfast Tournesol

from 65€ /night

Let yourself be seduced by its charm and authenticity! Imagine taking possession of this room which is obviously the most voluminous of the three. Let...

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Discovering the secrets of trees

from 32€ /night

I invite you to discover the secret life of the trees of the Domaine de Souladiès. The reception will be for 9 am around a small coffee. The day will...

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